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Rare Sonny Liston Signed Lithograph

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Rare Sonny Liston Signed Lithograph

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Today, many able critics still contend that Sonny Liston delivered the hardest punch in the history of the professional ring. Through much of his career, which commenced in the early ’50s, he made short work of all comers – but these were largely marginal-to-good aspirants. He was finally granted a shot against reigning heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson in 1962. It was brief as Patterson took the count early on; a re-match midway in ’63 proved to be a carbon-copy.

It was likely between the two Patterson engagements that this offered poster appeared. It’s a convincing but idealized artist’s rendering (Paul Abdoo) of the newly crowned champion showcasing his credentials. The purpose or distribution of the resultant print is unknown. But it projects from a light-gauge poster board measuring 11" x 14". The print is blank-backed, and this one is in reduced condition with a two-inch tear from the right border, mild surface wear and a few creases – especially at the corners. However, all this is readily forgiven in light of the prominent autograph that Liston placed on the piece. Specifically, it’s personalized "To Jimmy From Sonny Liston." The ballpoint autograph is very slightly mussed, yet we believe it’s worthy of "7" in quality. (Do note that Liston’s wife, Geraldine, signed the balancing side of the robe.)

From the collector’s point of view, the appeal of this autograph is manifold. Sonny Liston was never a popular celebrity. In an age when society was directed by the ‘moral majority,’ Liston’s checkered past wasn’t warmly excused. But of greater import is that it’s widely thought that Sonny Liston was illiterate – signing his name only when tutored by his wife. And the final determinant stimulating interest in Liston’s autograph is his pre-mature passing (1970). Thirty-five years have now elapsed, and the cause of his demise remains unsolved. 

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