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Ray Schalk Single-Signed Ball

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Ray Schalk Single-Signed Ball

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At 5′ 9″ and 165 lbs. (or so the White Sox claimed), Ray Schalk wasn’t really an imposing figure. In contrast, the blueprint for a catcher has always been a bruising hulk who could stop errant pitches with his mass, and effectively block the plate against speeding opponents racing to score. Lumbering and glacial afoot, big league catchers are fundamentally born of a common mother. But with the dawn of the 1912 season, Ray Schalk, with his cherub-like countenance, came to the Chicago White Sox – his little catcher’s mitt in tow – and asked if he could play with the big fellas. Then – to glaze over a few of the details – 17 seasons of Hall of Fame play elapsed for Ray Schalk – the guffaws and ridicule had fairly subsided. An unlikely figure he was, but solemnly revered by fans and peers alike. In his later life, he consented to pen his identity to this baseball. Accepting that the signing, one that’s personalized, was placed when the ball was “modern”, we can trace its penning to the period, 1940-45. The ball is uncommonly clean, though its stampings are faint. Nonetheless, it’s an OAL (Harridge) whose manufacturer’s stamp clearly isolates it to the war years. The signature, as is evident in our photo, appears on a side panel, and the quality is about “7” – clean and distinct.

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