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Rittgers Baseball Statue Set

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Rittgers Baseball Statue Set

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The three sculptured figures created by Rittgers in 1941 embody the more “animated” aspect of our pastime – at every level, and this familiar triumvirate will command the admiration of all who pass. The baseballers, one wearing an “A”, the other an “N” on their jerseys (assumed to be “American” and “National”) vent their wrath on a detached and omnipotent arbiter who, in self-assured defiance, stands shorter than the menacing players. This is a magnificent tableau – a mute still life bursting with the spirit of the game. The umpire stands about 6″, and his antagonists, proportionately taller. Though appropriately rough-hewn, there are no deviations from their intended condition, and all are NM or stronger.


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