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Rittgers Baseball Suspending Image

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Rittgers Baseball Suspending Image

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There’s little point in consulting the rule book – Somewhere in those detailed articles, we’re sure that it’s expressly forbidden to assault an adversary with a bat. Our umpire, in this sculptured rendering, could probably recite the clause; and for his fit of anger, our batsman is spurned from the contest by that uniformed authority. Meanwhile, a comatose opponent – (presumably, the pitcher) – won’t finish this game either. Nearly all of Rittgers sculptures are crafted as standing models, but this is one of their rare creations designed to be wall-mounted. The section of field where this drama is illustrated measures about 12″, and the depth of the tableau is roughly an inch and a half. The piece is copyrighted 1947, and this one – considering all its paint and material detailing – remains virtually above criticism. Despite all its vulnerabilities, it is NM/MT.


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