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Roberto Clemente Multi-Signed Ball (1968 Pirates)

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Roberto Clemente Multi-Signed Ball (1968 Pirates)

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In fact, this ball with its six autographs, was probably signed in 1968. It’s a virgin ONL (Giles) baseball, and all of the names are clean and crisp, though a couple are light. At first review, we interpret that these signings were attained over an extended period of time, or possibly at a social function of sorts. Precisely, there are included here Roy Face, pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Willie pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Stargell (“pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>7”), Luke Walker, Manny Mota (primarily on one of the stampings), Ron Kline and pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>Roberto Clemente. The Clemente signature, isolated on a side panel, is about “pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>6” in strength, but sharply distinct. As it shakes out, all six of these baseballers were Pirate teammates in 1968 only. Face, the diminutive reliever, was in the twilight of an illustrious career. But it’s the appearance of the aged Ron Kline here that’s unusual. He labored for Pittsburgh through much of the ’50s, then spent nearly the entirety of the 1960s with an assortment of other teams, but returning to his roots at the close of his career (…went 12-5 in 1968, as a matter of fact). Though not “team-signed” by accepted definition, this is yet an outstanding ball, signed by six Pirates rostered in ’68, and to include its two greatest stars of the era – Stargell and Clemente.

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