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Roberto Clemente, Stargell and Veale Signed ONL (Giles) Baseball

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Roberto Clemente, Stargell and Veale Signed ONL (Giles) Baseball

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In what appears to have been a sincere gesture of concern, four Pittsburgh Pirates signed this ONL (Giles) baseball. The recipient of this attention was “Lee”, who may have been a convalescing associate of the franchise, or may have been an infirm child. The sweet spot is occupied by the personalized and inscribed autograph of Roberto Clemente. In that distinctly stylized penmanship, he placed his signature which projects at a strength of “8”. The north panel holds the singular, personalized autograph of Maury Wills. Then another panel has been signed by Willie Stargell (“8”) and Bob Veale. Finally, on the remaining panel, there appears an unknown signature with the notation, “Pirates.” As the ball dates to the administration of Warren Giles, and that Maury Wills signed the ball, we deduce that this signing took place in 1967 or ’68.

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