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Roberto Duran Bloodied & Worn Boxing Robe.

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Roberto Duran Bloodied & Worn Boxing Robe.

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Now retired Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran wore this crimson and white silk robe for one of his matches. He is arguably one of the top ten best boxers, and the second most popular Latino figher. He is also one of only four boxers who hold 4 different World Titles; Lightweight (72-79), Welterweight ((80), Junior Middleweight (83), and Middleweight (89-90). Duran was definitely cut during this particular fight, because there are dried blood stains around the neck and face and on the left sleeve. Our boy was sure to have come out on top, however. An Everlast robe with two pockets on the left-side, white belt, collar, and sleeves, and Roberto Duran embroidered on the back in white satin. The robe is in amazing condition, save for the blood. The blood and sweat from the fight can still be smelt!

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Boxing  Roberto Duran

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