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Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle Autographed LE 78/115 Commemorative 1961 Season HR Bat (PSA/DNA Mantle MINT 9; Maris NM-MT 8 – Overall 8.5)

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Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle Autographed LE 78/115 Commemorative 1961 Season HR Bat (PSA/DNA Mantle MINT 9; Maris NM-MT 8 – Overall 8.5)

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The soap operatic comparison between office life and television is inevitable when reality far exceeds normal expectations. So goes another day of the Yankees in not just your ordinary office. In 1961, the Yankees were a mature bunch within an expanded American League. The hype centered on the long ball. Not since Babe Ruth setting the standard, or Mantle’s earlier chase in 1952, did New Yorkers feel the electricity or hesitancy of a record to be broken. Even the New York dailies fed the public by presenting the famed “Murderer’s Row.” By mid-season, trong>Roger Maris and trong>Mickey Mantle were lead contributors on “the Row.” By this time, Ruth’s 34-year-old record was in jeopardy, and both men had a feverish contention to supplant it. In typical New York fashion, an intense lover’s quarrel-like rivalry emerged casting the M & M Boys into a tornado of media attention. Many contended the more outgoing Mantle was the true Yankee and the subdued Maris was the outsider. Nonetheless, the media’s darling Mantle fell short of the record in the wake of a late-season infection. Now, the quest was up to Maris, but the fruits of his labor were tainted by Ford Frick during his mid-season assertion about setting the record in the first 154 games (versus 1961’s scheduled 162 games). Maris made it to the esteemed 61 in the last game of the season.

Louisville Slugger recognized the Yankee chase and capture by Maris in a commemorative 125 model bat. The bat was a limited edition series, and this one is sequentially listed as “78/115.” Branded into the barrel of this fine timber are both M & M Boys’ season mark. Visually, the signatures and brandings include a striking dual H&B logo, mirroring each other by 180 degrees on the barrel. The woodgrain and surface are in superb NM/MT condition. Roger Maris signed in blue felt tip under his caption of 61 homeruns. To note, Maris is a particularly difficult signature to obtain on a bat. PSA/DNA graded his signature trong>8trong>. One step behind, Mickey Mantle penned his name under his designated 54 homerun contentment. Mantle’s signature generated a trong>MINT trong>9 grade by PSA/DNA. The composite grade of the bat’s autographs are trong>8.5 (PSA/DNA).

PSA-DNA Full Letter

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