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Roger Maris Single-Signed ONL (Feeney) Ball

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Roger Maris Single-Signed ONL (Feeney) Ball

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We’d love to announce that this single-signed Roger Maris ball dates to a twilight season of his career. The proof, however, denies the possibility. Following his lustrous career in New York, Maris moved on to St. Louis where he recorded his last major league appearance in 1968. The medium holding this autograph bears the simulated signature of National League president, Chub Feeney, who ascended the office in 1970. Nonetheless, this is a remarkable union of ball and autograph. The medium, as stated, is an ONL (Feeney) and it’s in utterly NM/MT condition. In turn, Maris signed this ball in fine felt tip, and the quality of that autograph is “9-10”. Typically, Roger gravitated to his imaginary line of latitude on a side panel to place the signature.

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