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Rolling Stones “Bridges To Babylon” Backstage Passes (2)

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Rolling Stones “Bridges To Babylon” Backstage Passes (2)

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A shared goal of every Stones fan is to meet them. The easiest way is to obtain a backstage access pass. For the general public this is a fantasy but, for some, it’s a dream come true. These relics have in recent years become very collectable. We take pleasure in offering a nice selection of these gems .This collection includes the finest in Rock ‘n’ Roll concert posters. These one sheet marvels over time evolved from humble boxing-style formats into finely crafted and conceptualized art, and of course, highly coveted collectibles. In the early days of show promotion, these paper and cardstock gems were very basic; typically featuring a simple black and white image of the artist, one or two spot colors, and the pertinent date and venue information. By the mid-60’s, they flowered into an expressive form of pop-art, featuring elaborate multi-cultural and colored designs such as those utilized by pioneering San Francisco promoter Bill Graham to advertise his “Fillmore West” concerts. In the years following “The Summer of Love”, The Rolling Stones pushed the design of venue and tour posters to a new level, and no other band in the world has consistently produced more innovative and provocative designs in the name of self-promotion. Over the years, even the trademark Stones “Tongue” logo has morphed into a wide array of progressive variations and adaptations. As they enter their fourth decade of touring, the Stones continue to set the standard of creativity and excitement in this genre. Each vibrant selection is completely original and presented in the finest condition. As such, this lot offers collectors an instant upgrade or start to a world-class collection.

Offered are two very colorful “Special Guest” passes for the Rolling Stones 1997 “Bridges to Babylon” Tour. These were issued for the band’s London Concert.

1997,Poster  Bill Graham

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