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Ron Wood Signed Serigraph Rolling Stones Jimi Hendrix – COA JSA

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Rolling Stones Ron Wood “Jimi Hendrix & Me at the Scene Club, NY” LE Silkscreen Signed by Ron Wood LE 99/290

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Rolling Stones Ron Wood “Jimi Hendrix & Me at the Scene Club, NY” LE Silkscreen Signed by Ron Wood LE 99/290

Ronnie Wood was born in 1947 in Middlesex, England, into a musical and artistic family. Before beginning his musical career he received formal art training at Ealing College of Art, London.
Throughout the years the artist and the musician have been inseparable. As his musical career progressed, Ronnie continued his passion for painting and drawing, his subjects ranging from band members and musicians he admired, knew and sometimes played with, to family and close friends – and, of course, the self-portrait. It is as natural to find him with a pencil as with a guitar, drawing portraits of contemporaries and finding inspiration from his musical influences.
In America in the early 1980s Ronnie produced his first prints – three woodcuts and a series of monoypes. At that time he was not yet an experienced printmaker so it was with great enthusiasm that he siezed upon the opportunity in 1987 to spend several months working in a professional printmaking studio in England. Since then he has devoted a considerable amount of time to printmaking and has produced a number of images using various techniques – etching, drypoint, screenprint and woodcut.
Over the years his work has been widely exhibited. In 1996 he had a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brazil. He has had numerous one man exhibitions in North and South America, in the Far East and throughout Europe
Jimi and Me at the Scene Club, NY” is based on an actual photograph taken during one of Jimi Hendrix’s performances at the Scene NYC Nightclub. ” I played with Jimi on stage a few times in NY. We did this outdoor gig on Staten Island, andI also playe dwith him at Steve Pauls Scene on the 46th st. It was all during my days with the Jeff Beck Group. Jimi used to convince Jeff to give me solos. He’d say “hey, let the bass player play.” He was very generous. He gave me my first copy of BB King’s Live a the Roxy wchich is a great album and I wish I still had it today. Hegave meacouple of great guitarist albums and he’d say “listen to this, pick up some tips, this will help you.” I thinkn the otherone was James Brown Live at theApollo.
35.5″ x 26 3/4″ Serigraph framed to 35 x44. Orignal seal at bottom of print with Ron Woods Signature 97/290 and Title.

Authentication: JSA Auction House Letter

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