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“‘Scarface” Screen-Used Uzi (with Photo Match)

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“‘Scarface” Screen-Used Uzi (with Photo Match)

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Ominous looking screen-used weapon, and ultimate in gangster collecting chic, featured in the classic 1983 Brian De Palma film, chronicling the 80’s cocaine trade and the rise and fall of Cuban refugee-turned-drug-lord, Tony Montana. Masterfully depicted by Al Pacino, Tony ruthlessly pursues his own twisted version of the American dream – quickly vaulting to the top of the Miami underworld, and crashing amidst an unprecedented ballet of blow and bullets. Originally released to little fanfare and harsh reviews, the film has since transcended to a disturbingly all-American gem and celebrated fixture of pop culture. This heavy weapon – a stock MAC-10/11 9mm machine pistol – was used and seen prominently in the Babylon Club shootout scene, in which a crew of Columbian hit men attempt to assassinate the coke kingpin. Original inventory tag and studio LOA are included along with a definitive photo-match. Of course, a DVD of “Scarface” offers literally hundreds of additional photo-matches and options for impressive display. Items from this film are rare and only continue to escalate in value and desirability.

trong>Gun is non-operational and conforms to all federal and state regulations and statutes.

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1983,Photo  Al Pacino,Tony Montana

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