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Set of Double Yankee Stadium Seats (Circa 1923)

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Set of Double Yankee Stadium Seats (Circa 1923)

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Offered is a rare set of 1923 Yankees Stadium double straight back seats that were long mounted in the House that Ruth Built – until the stadium’s 1973 renovation. The seats are original with no damage or deterioration to any of the hardware except for a small piece missing from one of the six anchoring feet, a common occurrence during the removal process. Further, the mechanism of folding the seats has retained its full integrity – still functioning as originally assembled. In turn, all the wooden slats are original (individually, six for the seats and three for the backrests). The paint on the seats has recently been restored to Yankee blue, and includes properly stenciled numbers “3” and “4” to commemorate the Yankee immortals, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. The seats were not stripped of their many layers of paint, but instead painted over and re-stenciled just as they would have done periodically, thus preserving their full heritage. Finally, attached to one of the seats is a brass plaque commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Yankee stadium (and subsequent renovation) 1923 – 1973.

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