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Sidney Crosby Game-Used Hockey Stick

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Sidney Crosby Game-Used Hockey Stick

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The NHL needed Sidney Crosby more than anything else. The league was desperate for TV exposure and starving for superstars. Crosby fits the bill as the game’s next Great One.
In only his second year, Sid the Kid led the Penguins to the Stanley Cup. His next step is to win the league’s top prize.

This Reebok-made Sickick stick was used by Crosby in game competition. The handle is affixed with white athletic tape while the blade has black tape. There are numerous scuff marks on the blade’s tape. This is the current stick which Crosby uses. A photo on Getty Images (84575770) matches this exact style, right down to the taping formation. "87" is written near the handle in black marker, and "Crosby 87" is screen-printed as well. A serial number sticker is administered near the blade.

100% Authentic Team

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