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Signed, Inscribed George Gershwin Autograph Page

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Signed, Inscribed George Gershwin Autograph Page

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As may be affirmed in our photo for this catalog entry, George Gershwin’s autograph is as splendidly resonant as was his musical scores. In the discipline of collecting entertainment autographs, it’s sadly agreed that his signature is scarce. This Gershwin brother was available to the public only infrequently as he was usually consumed in the solitude of his craft. But of equal import is that this genius succumbed prematurely (in 1937, at the age of 38). The autograph now available was placed on a page extracted from a standard album. It is uncorrupted by any other autographs and it’s personalized with the salutation, “All my best wishes.” (There’s also an inconspicuously penned date, “1934” appearing, but in an unknown hand.) PSA has examined this George Gershwin autograph and they’ve deemed it “10” in quality.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter


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