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Sir Elton John Owned & Worn Sunglasses.

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Sir Elton John Owned & Worn Sunglasses.

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Unique, very personal item from Reginald K. Dwight, a.k.a, The Dirt Brown Cowboy, a.k.a. Captain Fantastic, a.k.a. The Rocket Man, and of course, a.k.a. Sir Elton John. These one-of-a-kind pair of shades were made exclusively for Elton by the man known as the “Optician To The Stars”, Dennis Roberts, owner & operator of “The Optique Boutique” on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. The glasses are accompanied by a document from Roberts authenticating the eyewear as Elton John’s. Solid provenance is coupled with a solid opportunity to obtain a directly-sourced personal possession from one of the world’s most engaging and successful musicians, songwriters, and performers.

John Roberts

  Dennis Roberts,Elton John

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