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Sixth Finger Head From The Outer Limits

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Winning Bid: $465.85

Winning Bid: $465.85

Auction ends: 2020-06-20 23:30
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

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This item originated from a movie magic specialist in the film industry. He worked behind the scenes of the special effects department tirelessly. He is known for creating and painting designs that help actors morph into the characters they portray or transforming the entire imaginary world around them.  Among many films, he has worked on I Am Legend (2007), Independence Day (1996) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004).

Presented are items from his personal collection. Some of the items are direct from film sets and others are project models he has worked on. The work on the props and models are beyond hobbyist as these pieces were touched by an artist who has a highly technical and advanced skill. He is now ready to bring his form of art to market and have it appreciated by all the movie buffs or monster collectors out there.

One of the shows that he appreciated was the Outer Limits. Presented is the iconic character from the episode with the Sixth Finger Head. He made it in tribute cast from the original mold from the show. It was indeed a central character to it — Gwyllum. The highly detailed head portion in a rubbery like texture/material on a metal pole offered here measures approximately 18″ tall with the head itself (14.5″).

The episode was as follows:

Professor Mathers, who we’ll find out helped develop the atomic bomb, has moved to a manor in a small Welsh community. A local bread girl, Cathy Evans, delivers bread to Mathers’ manor and sees his experiments with genetic evolution. The visible result is a chimpanzee named Darwin, played by veteran “monster actor” Janos Prohaska. Darwin is almost human in his actions and knowledge. Cathy wants to be smarter and volunteers to be Mathers’ guinea pig, but it turns out she has the wrong blood type.

Cathy is in love with a local miner, Gwyllm Griffiths. Gwyllm considers himself the smartest man in the village and doesn’t pay much attention to Cathy. Undeterred, Cathy sets him up with Mathers despite what Mathers points out is Gwyllm’s total lack of knowledge in genetics, lab techniques, or basic filling. However, Gwyllm does have the right blood type. So Mathers cheerfully explains how he’s created a lab that bombards the subject with wavelengths that cause their superior genetics to advance, “evolving” them.

Gwyllm gets “evolved” and gets a receding hairline as his head grows bigger. He also gets the stub of a sixth finger, supposedly for dexterity although it looks rather awkward. Tossed into the bargain, Gwyllm gets telepathy and exposits about Mathers’ background developing the nuclear bomb and how a guilty Mathers wants to evolve mankind so that it isn’t interested in war anymore.

The ex-miner also starts reading a lot of books because intellect without knowledge is useless, doncha know? He is briefly intrigued by music and plays a lot of music, and talks to Mathers about how mankind has ceased to develop or become creative because it’s so savage and warlike. Meanwhile, the evolutionary process continues without the machine, and Gwyllm’s head gets even bigger and his sixth finger grows in. He soon gains telekinetic powers, pointy ears, a weird alien appearance, knocks out Mathers when the professor realizes that his creation has gotten out of his control, stops the housekeeper’s heart when she sees him and prepares to bring the villagers, and goes out and TKs a cop. Gwyllm has always hated the village and plans to use his powers to destroy it, but then evolves beyond his anger and need for vengeance.

Gwyllm returns to the manor and asks Cathy, who isn’t afraid of him, to help him reach a state of pure mind by pushing the “Forward” lever on the evolutionary machine all the way forward while he’s in the machine. Yes, Mathers’ machine is simply labeled “Forward” and “Backward” on one really big lever. Apparently they didn’t teach Mathers precision in scientist school. Gwyllm even helpfully tells Cathy not to push the lever backward.

Cathy has second thoughts about turning “her Gwyllm” into pure mind. Gwyllm doesn’t telepathically pick up those thoughts, and Cathy puts the lever into Backward mode. He turns normal and then becomes a Neanderthal, since the network was worried it might offend the anti-evolutionists in the audience if he turned into protoplasm as was originally scripted. Cathy realizes that she’s screwed up, shoves the lever back to neutral, and a now-human Gwyllm staggers out. He touches Cathy’s cheek where she’s been crying, just as Mathers comes in, and then collapses to the floor. Dead? Dying? Sleeping? Who knows?

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1 review for Sixth Finger Head From The Outer Limits

  1. Kieta

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