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Special Billy Martin Signed & Inscribed Ball w/ Handwritten Note.

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Special Billy Martin Signed & Inscribed Ball w/ Handwritten Note.

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This vintage signed ball represents a thoughtful act of friendship from a figure known more for his fiery disposition and displays of temperment versus kindness. But fact is, Billy Martin was a fiercely loyal friend, with a self-deprecating sense of humor, who valued the relationships in his life. The ball is neatly signed on a side panel “To ‘Cap’ – Your Friend Billy Martin” and includes a Post-It-sized handwritten note from Martin stating: “John, Sorry about the name but what can you expect from a guy who is an X Yankee shortstop, X Manager of three teams and a bar room brawling champion. This ball and 25 cents will get you a cup of coffee.” The note of apology refers to the fact that the gift was not for “Cap”, a boyhood friend of Martin’s, but for Cap’s friend ‘John,’ who was hospitalized at the time. Billy – at dinner once with Cap, only had one baseball and apparently blew the salutation. Worked out well for John though, and for future collectors motivated by the unique and personal. This game-used OAL (MacPhail) ball fits the bill.. This game-used OAL (MacPhail) ball fits the bill. It’s a very special ball from the hand of a ballplayer whose legacy and retrospective value seem to grow with each passing year. Consigned by John.

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