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St. Louis Cardinals Game-Worn Helmet

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St. Louis Cardinals Game-Worn Helmet

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Marietta K-20 shells were unique in the industry with their horizontal mold lines and exterior bolted suspension fasteners. This particular piece demonstrates the franchise’s use of many styles during their tenure in St. Louis. Familiar among their equipment were Riddell, Rawlings, Wilson, Marietta and occassionally, MacGregor. This particular six-point suspension model retains the crown donut but no longer has its jaw pads. The exterior logos are correct in their placement, mil depth and hues. The BD-9 two-bar mask has been appropriated from a helmet lamp to enhance appearance. From paint discoloration around the mask hook-up, we discern that the helmet possibly held a single-bar mask originally. There’s conclusive evidence that this helmet was once painted red – perhaps for adaptation for a Pro-Bowl, or equally possible, as a college helmet that was ‘promoted’ with a particular player arriving with the Cardinals. “1-16” is markered twice internally – a notation whose meaning is now lost to time.

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