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St. Louis Cardinals “Welcome Visitors” Banner

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St. Louis Cardinals “Welcome Visitors” Banner

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The always accommodating St. Louis community welcomes everyone to their beautiful city – visitors, the opposition and fellow All-Stars. While it is hard to pinpoint when and where this attractive Cardinal red banner was flown, we know it is one-of-a-kind. It could have been used at the 1957 or ’66 All-Star games or during a World Series or possibly mounted by the visitor’s locker-room. The parallelogram shaped flag features no distracting blemishes. There is slight compromising in the white material paint on the background. The great piece measures 148″ from the point top to bottom and 70 1/2″ from one side corner to the other side corner. Three of the four corners feature grommetted holes to display. Folks from far and wide will see how devoted you are to your Redbirds if you put this fixture up.

1957,St. Louis Cardinals,World Series 

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