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Sylvester Stallone-Owned, Uniquely Tailored Leather Coat (from Brigitte Nielsen)

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Sylvester Stallone-Owned, Uniquely Tailored Leather Coat (from Brigitte Nielsen)

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The winner of this uniquely pre-eminent garment will attain a profound connection to three giants…two of silver screen renown, and the other, a champion in high-profile fashion. This is an impressive one-of-a-kind that can’t be replicated. Precisely, it’s a full-length black leather coat which was given to Sylvester Stallone from his (then) wife, Brigitte Nielsen. The pair met when she played the role of a Russian drone in Rocky IV, and they married in December 1985. Later, they starred together in Cobra (written by Stallone) – the story of a cop in pursuit of a serial killer. Parting of the ways, however, ensued a year and a half after the wedding bells, yet sentiments remained strong between them.

This piece is from the Jean Claude Jitrois Collection of Paris. Jitrois is considered “the” king of leather fashion…the inventor of stretch leather.” The luxuriant black, lined trenchcoat was crafted in supple 100% leather. It’s 55 inches in length, features two generous-sized outer pockets, one inside left-breast pocket with a zipper, epaulets on the shoulders, twin snap vents in the back, and it closes in the front with an accompanying loose-sash leather belt. There are ornate black leather accents sewn on the upper front, arms, and back – appearing in both shiny and in suede black leather. A large design on the back depicts a majestic eagle gripping two lightning bolts. The trademark cursive Jean Claude Jitrois signature is stitched on the back under the eagle, and is again placed inside on the legendary designer’s 3-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ label. What makes this treasure unlike any other Jitrois garment is its embroidered personal message beneath the maker’s tag, which announces “To Sylvester Love Gitte.”

  Sylvester Stallone

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