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The Beatles Platinum Record Meet The Beatles Given to Phil Spector COA Provenance Letter COA Al Bowman Collection

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Winning Bid: $1,317.69

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Offered here is the Platinum Record given to Phil Specter. This came directly from Phil Spector. Spector was named director of A&R for Apple Records.  How the heck is this item even available?  Obtaining any award from one of the most important music artists in history is nearly impossible and yes, now there is one available. This award given to Phil Spector is the only award that has ever been offered in the collectible world. Meet the Beatles! is a studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, released as their second album in the United States. It was the group’s first American album to be issued by Capitol Records, on 20 January 1964 in both mono and stereo formats. It topped the popular album chart on 15 February 1964 and remained at number one for eleven weeks before being replaced by The Beatles’ Second Album. The cover featured Robert Freeman’s iconic portrait of the Beatles used in the United Kingdom for With the Beatles, with a blue tint added to the original stark black-and-white photograph.

The plaque reads “Presented to Phil Spector, To commemorate the sale of more than 1,000,000 copies of the record. Another from the Phil Spector collection donated from 1999 for the Friend of Mine Foundation charity Silent Auction held at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. According to Phil’s own personal testimony about this item, he received it as a gift from the estate of the late Brian Epstein. Phil and Brian were very close friends and Phil claimed that Brian had urged members of the Beatles early in their careers to allow Phil to either produce or engineer an album for them.”The Beatles Platinum Record “Meet The Beatles” This platinum record in the double matted, box-framed style that was the standard in the pre R.I.A.A. era

This collection of unique memorabilia comes from the executive producer of the Los Angeles Music Awards and the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards. The L.A. Music Awards lasted from 1991 until 2015, exactly 25 years. It was the first awards show of it’s kind anywhere in the world because it brought recognition and publicity to independent artists and bands. Unlike the Grammy’s or Billboard Music Awards, which recognize established artists for their commercial successes, the Los Angeles Music Awards presented accolades for production quality, lyrical content, songwriting abilities, and overall music quality.
Its production model has been duplicated in hundreds of major cities around the world. In 1997, it’s 7th year, the production began to involve celebrity participants, both as presenters and recipients. Many came from the film and television industries. In 1998, the Los Angeles Music Awards began tying it with various charitable causes and established silent auctions to help raise funds for those causes. Donations of memorabilia were solicited from famous artists, producers, filmmakers, and other movers and shakers from the entertainment industry. In 1999, famed music producer Phil Spector donated many items from his own personal collection that spawned many others from both the film and music industries to do the same.
Over the next 15 years, many items that went unsold from the silent auctions were held onto buy Al Bowman, after he first offered them back to their original donators. In 2007, the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards were founded. F.A.M.E. was an acronym for a celebration of Film, Art, Music, and Entertainment. In 2010, Al joined forces with the creator of the Los Angeles Comedy Awards as co-executive producer and for the next 4 years brought to life the L.A. Comedy Awards. Part of this collection includes Al’s own original L.A. Music Awards plaques and trophies, similar to the ones presented to many celebrities and other famous award recipients and participants over the 25 years when these award shows were in full production. Each of them commemorates the successful production that occurred in those years.
To see a list of past award show participants, click on this link.
LA Music Awards History

In 1969, Spector returned to his career and subsequently produced the Beatles’ album Let It Be (1970), as well as several solo records by the band’s John Lennon and George Harrison.  “The Long and Winding Road” (produced for the Beatles, 1970), and “My Sweet Lord” (produced for Harrison, 1970). Spector’s honors include the 1973 Grammy Award for Album of the Year for co-producing Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh (1971). Spector was invited by Lennon and George Harrison to take on the task of turning the Beatles’ abandoned Let It Be recording sessions into a usable album. He went to work, using many of his production techniques, making significant changes to the arrangements and sound of some songs.

LOA Al Bowman Provenance Letter, 100% Authentic Team

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