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“The Beatles Yesterday and Today” Third State “Butcher” Cover (STEREO)

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“The Beatles Yesterday and Today” Third State “Butcher” Cover (STEREO)

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When The Beatles were in the studio recording tracks for “Revolver” in 1966, Capitol Records needed a few recordings to make up a new album. To satisfy Capitol, they submitted quick mixes of “Dr. Robert”, and “Your Bird Can Sing”, along with the brilliant “I’m Only Sleeping.” When Capitol received the three new songs, the album “Yesterday and Today” was conceived. The Beatles originally wanted to submit artwork from their latest “Paperback Writer” project for this LP. According to the contract, the label retained the rights to the U.S. cover designs, but The Beatles insisted on the use of their choice. Instead of the usual photos of four happy, clean-cut boys, this album’s cover offered something quite different. The all dressed in butchers’ smocks, posed amid slabs of raw meat, glass eyeballs, and nude, decapitated dolls. When American radio stations, disc jockeys and others who had received advance copies of the album expressed shock about the sleeve, Capitol quickly withdrew the record. All promotional material for the album was destroyed, and it was re-issued five days later with a substitute cover photograph of the Beatles leaning on a steamer trunk. Unwitting record buyers ended up purchasing albums whose covers could be peeled or steamed off to create what would one day become one of the most profound pieces of Beatles memorabilia.

Many myths surround the “butcher photo.” Some claim it was a protest against Capitol’s “butchering” Beatles’ albums; others believe it was the group’s protest against the Vietnam War. Still others point the blame at John Lennon as part of his macabre sense of humor. Later, John Lennon did address the butcher photo claiming that it was simply a relief from boredom.

The “Butcher” covers of The Beatles Yesterday…and Today were originally shipped as advance copies to radio stations and some retailers. Capitol did ship the album in both formats, mono and stereo. In comparison, however, far fewer of the stereo variety were dispensed. Today, the following classifications are used to determine the condition of these prized gems: FIRST STATE (sealed or not sealed, these are covers that were never pasted-over). SECOND STATE (album covers that were recalled, whereupon Capitol firmly affixed a new cover slick over the front photo). THIRD STATE (original alums that were pasted-over and then later peeled). Over the past few years many “second state butcher albums” have been subjected to peeling. The number of original “second state” albums have decreased greatly.

Here offered is a beautiful “third state” STEREO (ST 2553) butcher cover. The spine of the outer sleeve is in VG condition displaying a minimal amount of surface wear or loss. The actual peel of the front cover is nearly perfect with no blemishes. The back cover has some light colored pencil shading. A beautiful example of the harder to find STEREO release.

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