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The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” Album (Holland Import with controversial first pressing cover)

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The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” Album (Holland Import with controversial first pressing cover)

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Before being certified platinum for an dazzling fifth time, The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” album met with a great deal of controversy. The album cover was designed by Peter Corriston, who also designed the group’s next three album covers, created an convoluted and exciting die-cut front cover. The idea was to showcase twenty different hair styles with the faces “cut-out.” The inner sleeve contained images of the band and other celebrities that would be seen through the die cut. The cover also featured four rich colored segments of blue, pink, green and yellow. This description of the “Some Girls” cover applies only to those of the first pressing, as offered here. The first pressing cover immediately ran into trouble when Lucille Ball and Racquel Welch threatened legal action. In response, the record company recalled the albums with their uncharacteristic pictures. (Commonly, such albums would have been recalled and a new “slick-over” securely pasted to the original cover, and then re-distributed with minimal loss.) With “Some Girls,” however, the covers were destroyed and replaced with a newly-designed cover and inner sleeve. The new cover, which is universally recognized, does not have the deep colored strips, and the images of Lucille Ball and Racquel Welch were completely removed. A few of these were sold prior to the recall, but the number is fractional compared to the certified 5,000,000 copies sold. We take great pleasure in offering a NM/MT copy from the controversial first pressing. The album offered is a Dutch import that was issued in Holland on colored vinyl indicative by the gold decal affixed to the cellophane packaging.

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