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Thomas Jefferson Dinner Invitation

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Thomas Jefferson Dinner Invitation

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Quaint in appearance, but likely fraught with political melodies, is this dinner invitation extended from the White House in the first decade of the 19th Century. In reviewing this paper antique, we’re guided to interpret that it was advanced by President Thomas Jefferson to Caesar Augustus Rodney. The medium may well be vellum, but we’re quick to report that it has since been laminated to a modern, reinforcing paper stock, and close scrutiny divulges that the original substance has undergone very successful professional restoration, leaving conspicuous the original compact-folding creases only. Measuring the standard 8" x 10", the piece was pre-printed on one side to provide fill-in space for a specific occasion. This one, in particular, conveys "Th. Jefferson requests the favour of The Hon-ble Mr. Rodney to dine with him on Tuesday the 25th inst. at half after three, or at whatever later hour the house may rise…Oct 22…The favour of an answer is asked. Then remotely, we affirm the addressee, "The Hon-ble Mr. Rodney." [Note: "inst." is an abbreviation for "instant" – a now obsolete term meaning "the same month."] Though the year isn’t cited, this invitation was likely prepared in either 1803 or 1808 (both years calendared October 25 as a Tuesday). If the former, Rodney was then a U.S. Representative from Delaware who was a strong congressional ally of Jefferson’s. If, however, the invitation dates to 1808, then Rodney had already been appointed Jefferson’s Attorney General. All the text (both pre-printed and scribed) is original, except for the two words "hour the," which were restored.

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