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Tom Brady Game Football First AFC Championship 2002 w/ Ticket – COA 100% Authentic Team & Provenance LOA

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You now have the opportunity to own a football from Tom Brady’s historical career.  This football comes directly from the very first AFC Championship football game of Tom Brady’s Career. This Patriot AFC Championship win, launched Brady into Quarterback Stardome.  Tom Brady Game Football.

In the 2002 NFL Playoffs, the New England Patriots were huge underdogs and they had to play on the road against the number one seed in the conference, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Remember back then, this was an offense led by Tom Brady who was a sixth round draft pick starting in only his 16th NFL game. Let’s repeat that… in only his 16th NFL game!

The AFC Championship was just one week after the Pats had just snuck by the Oakland Raiders in the famous TUCK GAME. In order to advance to the Super Bowl, they had to get by the Steelers who had only lost three games all year. The Steelers had one of the best offenses in the NFL and one of the best defenses as well.

Early on in the game, it was dominated by short drives ending in punts as both teams struggled to move the ball against the stout opposing defenses. The Patriots’ opening series ended with a kick, the Steelers’ as well. Then the same again, then another New England punt followed by one by Pittsburgh. This final punt, however, was different than the others as it was returned by Troy Brown for a Pat’s touchdown. Pittsburgh was able to respond, though and drove 65 yards to a field goal.

After two straight scores it was back to straight punts; two by each team to be exact. At that point – late in the second quarter – the Patriots started to generate at least a little offensive rhythm but all seemed for naught when quarterback Tom Brady injured his ankle and had to leave the game. His replacement: his predecessor as the starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe who went on to finish the game out and secure the victory.

New England went on to play in Super Bowl XXXVI. The team – with Brady back at the helm of starting quarterback. Remarkably, he was able to pull off another upset by beating the heavily-favored St. Louis Rams. The 20-17 victory would earn the team its first of to date six Lombardi Trophies. Brady added another trophy to his decorated career arsenal with the Buccaneers (Super Bowl LVI).

Since this was New England’s first Super Bowl victory and Tom Brady was the commander of the team, it follows that fans would go into collectible pandemonium from his first Super Bowl run.  Game-used footballs have long been durable mementos in keeping those gridiron thrills fresh in the memory.  Tom Brady’s First Touchdown Football, sold for over $150,000 and Tom Brady’s TUCK FOOTBALL sold close to six figures as well.  Certainly, confirming that these footballs are thrilling for memorabilia collectors and Tom Brady aficionados alike.

As such, we present a game football from Tom Brady’s very first AFC Championship game – the 2002 AFC Championship game against the Steelers.

This is a Patriots football from the march that started it all. Behind Brady’s leadership, the Pats were catapulted to their first title.

The ONFL (Taglibue) football is fully marked in all its glory by the “PATS” designation in black marker near the Wilson logo (by the laces).  The PATS handwriting matches both footballs that had previously sold in auction-Tom Brady’s first Touchdown football and the Tuck Football.   Stamped dating designation appears on the football stamped as “AY”.  The Patriots were using footballs dated “AY” during this 2001-2002 era as both high profile footballs, his first touchdown and the Tuck football, which both have team provenance, have this same date designation of “AY”.

The football itself also shows obvious and outstanding game wear with soiling/paint marks present. Indeed, it is quite noticeable that one of the Wilson panels has a quarter of it covered in field paint markings.

A notarized provenance letter stating that the ball was obtained after the game and it was thrown to our seller from the field after the game.  “we were all gathered above the exit with the players heading our way.  I noticed Mark Edwards still had in his hands one of the game balls as they approached us.  I yelled “hey throw me the ball, and he did.”  In addition, to the provenance letter, as proof that our fan was in the stands, his used ticket stub accompanies this package.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team & Provenance Letter


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1 review for Tom Brady Game Football First AFC Championship 2002 w/ Ticket – COA 100% Authentic Team & Provenance LOA

  1. kieta

    Edited by Kieta New

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