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1976 Tony Dorsett Game-Worn Pittsburgh Panthers Jersey – COA 100% Authentic Team Grade 14/20

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Winning Bid: $9,104.04

Winning Bid: $9,104.04

Auction ends: December 2, 2017 8:00 PM
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Total price with Buyers Premium: $10,924.85

Bids count: 12

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First, we want to point out that the public could NOT buy this type of jersey.  The only people that would have had access to these type of jersey’s are player’s, managers and team employees.

Tagging is a direct match to 1975-78 era Russell Athletic examplars. We found this style Russell Athletic manufacturer label on many game-used jersey’s of this era. This means that this “type-style” label was available and used by Russell Athletic on game used jersey’s.  After reviewing the few tear away jersey’s available, we see that the Russell Athletic tagging is consistently inconsistent.  It is not unusual that different variations of the Russell Athletic tagging is the consistent norm on the tear away college jerseys.  The biggest thing you want to look for is that is has the similar style of Russell Athletic tagging available for the era.

After examining similar tear away’s of the era, we see that the NOB irregular font style is acutally consistent with the other examplars from this era.  Size font is varies from 2 13/16″ to 2 15/16″ which is noticeably seen.  This type of font variation is very normal for this style tear away.  We have to remember that this “tear away” jersey style was banned  in 1979.   The same irregular font style is found in deceased collector Gus Le Donne’s Collection and an exact style match on tagging, style, font and size had come out of the Newport Beach Museum.

Seen below is the Dorsett Tear Away from LeDonne’s collection, which matches the font exactly on the one offered here.

You don’t have to be from Pennsylvania or Texas to sing the praises of Anthony Dorsett Sr. Forget the Heisman, forget the 99-yard T.D., and set aside the 12,739 yards rushing, 398 catches, and 91 T.D.’s. He was – simply put – beautiful to watch, poetry in blazing motion, elusive and gliding, and tough when he had to be…and all tucked into a 5’ 11”, 190-pound frame, if you care to believe the trumped-up physical dimensions of this dynamo.

When Dorsett was at Pitt, he wore “tear-aways” for the most part, sometimes 3 or 4 in one game. This one survived unscathed, and though its not torn to shreds the wear is considerate. It is representative of Dorsett at the collegiate level. The light cotton material is correct in weight, composition and color hue. The numeric identifiers and accompanying striping are to prescription for that era. The NOB is screened directly, in single-color white, and in proper font and location. The size L Russell tail label is correct for Dorsett, and the cross-over knit neck was a Russell feature intended to add luster to the flimsy jersey’s appearance. Dorsett was known to cut his jersey tails, he occasionally left them as originally made as is apparent on this white cotton gamer.  Tail does have a tear and there is evidence of some field wear on the shoulders.  Natural aging of the cotton also is apparent.

Game-Used Auth StatusPass
Total Grade14/20
Condition2 = Appears in used condition, laundered
Jersey Material-ButtonsCotton, Pullover
Modifications2 = 2 or more modifications or attributes designed for/by player
NumberingCorrect For Player, Heat Transfer, Number Placement Back, Number Placement Front, Sleeve Numbering
Photomatch1 = Style Match
Player LetteringApplique on jersey
Sewing ExaminationProfessional
Provenance1 = Provenance Letter
Tagging4 = Positive direct match on all tags
Tagging LaundryIncluded on manufacturing label
Wear4 = Showing signs of consistent use and wear



This is a DYNAMO of a jersey coming from Dorsett’s Heisman year. An iconic piece of game used  jersey history.  A collector at one point in his life must own one.

Current Jersey Russell Athletic Tag

1976-78 Russell Athletic Tag Examplar

Examplar From LeDonne Collection on top of Current Jersey.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs


Character Family



Pittsburgh Panthers


Game-Used Auth Status


Total Grade






2 = Appears in used condition, laundered

Jersey Material-Buttons

Flannel, Pullover


2 = 2 or more modifications or attributes designed for/by player


Correct For Player, Heat Transfer, Number Placement Back, Number Placement Front, Sleeve Numbering


1 = Style Match

Player Lettering

Applique on jersey

Sewing Examination



1 = Provenance Letter



4 = Positive direct match on all tags

Tagging Laundry

Included on manufacturing label


4 = Showing signs of consistent use and wear



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