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“Tribute to Leon Day” and “The Negro Leagues” Signed Posters

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“Tribute to Leon Day” and “The Negro Leagues” Signed Posters

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Vibrant 1996 16″ x 20″ poster designed and executed by renowned artist Christopher Paluso to benefit the Negro Leagues Museum and Players Association. Offers detailed images of players, memorabilia and vignettes of life in the “other league.” Best of all, it’s signed by eight players who lived it: Buck O’Neil, Jim Robinson, Monte Irvin, Armondo Vazquez, Pee Wee Jenkins, Robert Scott, Wilmer Fields, and Mamie Johnson. Each has added a perfect blue signature in felt tip. Paluso has also signed at the bottom right in black fine point, numbered “461/1000.”
Additionally included here is a beautiful 30″ x 24″ color lithograph serving as the ultimate palette for twenty of Leon Day’s ballplaying brethren, in tribute to the late Hall of Famer via this splendid Ron Lewis creation. Lewis has composed a stunning visual display featuring each pioneer in full uniform, set against a glorious “Field of Dreams” backdrop of vintage signage, blue skies and a depiction of Satchel Paige welcoming Day to that Great Ballpark in the Sky. And each has signed their respective image in bold blue ink. Includes (20): Buck Leonard, Bill Cash, Monte Irvin, Armando Vasquez, Josh Johnson, Joe Black, Warren Peace, Russell Awkward, Sam Jethroe, Verdell Mathis, Max Manning, Wilmer Fields, Stan Glenn, Gene Benson, Mahlon Duckett, Al Wilmore, Nap Gulley, Buck O’Neil, Edsall Walker and Wilmer Harris. Highest quality printing on heavy paper stock makes this heavenly limited edition worthy of your Hall of Fame. Also signed and numbered by Lewis “166/1200.”

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1996,Poster,Signed  Al Wilmore,Armando Vasquez,Bill Cash,Buck Leonard,Christopher Paluso,Gene Benson,Jim Robinson,Joe Black,Josh Johnson,Leon Day,Mamie Johnson,Max Manning,Monte Irvin,Robert Scott,Ron Lewis,Russell Awkward,Sam Jethroe,Stan Glenn,Verdell Mathis,Warren Peace,

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