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Ty Cobb Signed Letter (ALS)

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Ty Cobb Signed Letter (ALS)

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Just about a year before his passing, Ty Cobb wrote this letter to his friend, Danny Goodman. It was mid-1960, Cobb’s health was failing, and Goodman, the effervescent marketing maven of the Dodgers, was at the "top of his game," as they say. The message was drafted under Cobb’s austere letterhead, and he signed it in his familiar "Ty." (For that matter, he signed it twice – to close the standard handwritten text, and again after a postscript.) The stationery is miniature – 7" x 6"; there are seven clean pages (all NM except for inconspicuous staple holes in the upper left of each, and standard horizontal compacting folds), and the entirety of the letter is delivered on single sides only. 

In penmanship and grammatical chemistry, this is Classic Cobb – picking and choosing punctuation at will, angular orientation of his written lines (declining about 10 degrees from left to right) and, of course, his inveterate green ink. Much of the letter is devoted to explaining his tardiness in responding to Danny’s (much earlier) Christmas greeting. However, Cobb elaborates on his continuing medical challenges, and he even comforts Goodman with some wisdom on Coca-Cola stock. Of the latter, we note:

"Hope you got aboard of some Coca Cola stock per my telephone from Phoenix. if so you have your split also extra cash dividend and more good news to follow, per ‘Cola.’ Market board wise at stand still, soon this summer Cola figures will be good, I do know. for instance, a weak & declining market, generally, this is merely a usual condition per season or months. Coke does not break below split price of $50.00 per share, the unusual record of financial position, absolute dominance of the soft drink industry, plus many millions of profit, in 80 odd countries of world, frozen, not reflected in Cokes annual statement, also no debt whatever, bonds, loans, even no preffered [sic] stock, all profits go to common stock holders, good dividends, has paid dividends since 1893…now enjoying the best business in company history. all this Danny is inside information [from] my friend Bob Woodruff. this is in confidence."

Continuing, "The Peach" announces that he hopes to attend the Olympics in Rome. And he concludes with optimism for the Giants in the upcoming 1960 season. Ultimately, this is the ideal Ty Cobb letter. It is thoroughly readable, teasing us with its uniquely Cobbian nuances. The penmanship is acceptably free of error; there are no faults in the writing instrument, and both the signatures ("trong>Ty") are perfectly scribed to project at qualities of "trong>9-10".     

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