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Ty Cobb Signed Letter & Response Envelope

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Ty Cobb Signed Letter & Response Envelope

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Presented is correspondence between Ty Cobb, Francis Ford Cass (Cobb’s second wife) and a woman named Helene Champlain on a 5″ x 7-3/4″ sheet of parchment. Cass starts the letter with the initial informational inquiry in green ink to Helene. Ty Cobb then adds his pleasantries in a purplish blue ink with a bit of sarcasm and subsequently initials the paper in two areas. The envelope has appropriate postal stampings and has been addressed by Cobb in the same ink used in the letter on the front to Champlain. The reverse includes his signature (“9-10”) above his self-address (as “T.R. Cobb”). Overall, a quality Cobb exchange in legible handwriting.

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Letter,Signed  Francis Ford,Ty Cobb

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