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Ty Cobb Signed Postcard (PSA MINT 9)

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Ty Cobb Signed Postcard (PSA MINT 9)

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Plying his career with the intensity of a desperate gladiator, Ty Cobb retired into a life of reflective composure. He became active in civic pursuits and uncompensated interests, basking his later years in the Far West where he was generally responsive to admirer’s autograph requests. Conversely, it can’t be overstated that his 1961 passing long pre-dated the sweeping emergence of commercially orchestrated signing sessions. In a word, the availability of a Ty Cobb autograph is minutely fractional to other diamond immortals who survived into more recent decades. Against that backdrop, we offer this splendidly placed Ty Cobb signing. The medium is a standard government postcard, and on its reverse, he placed his distinctive autograph. Graded MINT 9 by PSA, the signature was responsibly placed in the center of the card, and we surmise that its professionally assessed quality was determined by the very slight encroachment of the postal cancellation. Postmarked in Menlo Park, California in 1951, it proceeded through the mail to Philadelphia and remains in EX condition with mildly imperfect corners. The autograph, an ideal inking, was applied in Cobb’s traditional green ballpoint and, as expected, it features his delightful underscoring flair.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

1961,Signed  Ty Cobb

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