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Ty Cobb Single-Signed Ball

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Ty Cobb Single-Signed Ball

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The baseball holding this Ty Cobb autograph is moderately but uniformly toned. It’s unofficial, but to regulation. It seems that this signing was the fulfillment of a fan’s request and, in all likelihood, it was consummated through the mail. The whole story appears on a single side panel where we find the distinct Ty Cobb signature. With his typical underscoring flair, the Hall of Fame legend signed and dated the ball. With a little coaxing, we discern that the date is “1/29/60.” The quality of Cobb’s signature is about “4” – immediately legible and clean, but somewhat subdued with age. The ball was personalized as well – “To David Stalter [?] from…” The personalization projects with a measure more intensity that the autograph or dating. But on the other hand, it was written in Cobb’s traditional green ink, and the penmanship of the word “To” strongly suggests that the personalization (despite its clarity, vis a vis) was placed by Cobb. In any event, this is an abundantly suitable rendering of Ty Cobb’s autograph on a single-signed medium.

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