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UFC 42 Sudden Impact Fight Used Octagon

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UFC 42: Sudden Impact was a MMA event held by the UFC on April 25, 2003, at American Airlines in Miami, Florida.

This auction is for the actual UFC octagon canvas from UFC 42. Each mat for the floor is custom painted for each unique event and is never used again. The mat is 30 ft x 30 ft. This one features prominent venue advertising along with the central video game promotion (TapOut 2). Other advertising surrounds the central area.

The 750 square foot Octagon measures 30 feet across and 6 feet high, and was created with both safety and fairness in mind. Its walls and padded surfaces protect fighters from falling out (or getting thrown out). The wide angles prevent fighters from getting stuck in a corner with no way out. Since boxing is fought in a square ring and wrestling in a circle, the Octagon avoids giving any one martial arts discipline the advantage. While a fight is in progress, only the two fighters and one referee are allowed inside the Octagon. Between rounds, both gates are opened to allow the cornermen and cutmen to enter the area. 

The canvas was used and abused with remnants of blood, sweat and tears from the evening of April 25, 2003. Notable fighters that fought, bled and sweat on this historic canvas include – Main Event – Matt Hughes vs. Sean Sherk and Genki Sudo vs. Dwayne Ludwig as well as Rich Franklin vs. Evan Tanner.

The canvas originates directly from referee Big John McCarthy’s private collection.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team Provenance LOA.

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There are no reviews yet.

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