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Vintage 1967 Baltimore Colts Team Signed Football, 35 Signatures!

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Vintage 1967 Baltimore Colts Team Signed Football, 35 Signatures!

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Great ball from one of the best Colts teams ever fielded. Perhaps an excerpt from our consignor’s LOA would serve this lot best: ”

I grew up in Baltimore and was hospitalized in late 1967 with viral meningitis. I was in Mercy Hospital for about three weeks. My mother knew a friend who knew Colts kicker Lou Michaels… One day Lou showed up at my hospital bed with a “get well gift.” He gave me this football autographed by many of my favorite hometown players… including Johnny Unitas, Tom Matte, Raymond Berry and Bubba Smith. I displayed the football on my bedroom dresser for several years as a kid, and have stored the ball in a cardboard box for the last thirty.”

In fact, 35 of the 1967 (11-1) Baltimore Colts signed this white Spalding “Johnny Unitas” model football in blue ink, including an astounding number of stars, Pro-Bowlers and Hall of Famers, such as Unitas, Tom Matte, Lenny Moore, Bubba Smith, John Mackey, Raymond Berry, Jim Parker, etc. (Scroll down for complete list). All signatures are present, bold, legible. Solid EX+.

Features: Sam Bell, Johnny Unitas, Jim Parker, Bob Vogel, Lenny Moore, Dale Memmelaar, John Mackey, Raymond Berry, Glenn Ressler, Dan Sullivan, Dick Szymanski, Ordell Braase, Roy Hilton, Lou Michaels, Bubba Smith, Fred Miller, Billy Ray Smith, Andy Stynchul, Dennis Gaubatz, Bobby Boyd, Alvin Haymond, Jerry Logan, Lenny Lyles, Rick Volk, Jim Welsh, Jim Ward, Tom Matte, Jerry Hill, Tony Lorick, Jimmy Orr, Willie Richardson, Butch Wilson, Ray Perkins, Alex Hawkins, and David Lee.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

1967,Ball,Football,Signed  Alex Hawkins,Alvin Haymond,Andy Stynchul,Billy Ray,Bob Vogel,Bobby Boyd,Dale Memmelaar,Dan Sullivan,David Lee,Dennis Gaubatz,Dick Szymanski,Fred Miller,Glenn Ressler,Jerry Hill,Jerry Logan,Jim Parker,Jim Ward,Jimmy Orr,John Mackey,Johnny Unitas,Lenny Lyl

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