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Vintage Boxing Ticket Stubs (2 Joe Louis, Braddock vs. Baer & Others)

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Vintage Boxing Ticket Stubs (2 Joe Louis, Braddock vs. Baer & Others)

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To some Dennis Finfrock was simply the man with the handlebar mustache. But Finfrock helped take boxing in Las Vegas to the next level. As the MGM Grand’s VP of Special Events, Finfrock managed what boxing matches would come to the MGM and also brought in the Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand and countless other show stoppers to the area. After Mike Tyson was released from jail, it was Finfrock who inked him to a $20 million dollar deal which secured Iron Mike’s services at the MGM Grand.
In 1995 the Las Vegas Sun ranked the top 10 Las Vegas sports figures, Finfrock was the runaway choice at No. 1. He was placed above such notables as Bob Arum and Andre Agassi. Now battling Parkinson’s Disease, Finfrock has slowed down from his workaholic ways.
Each of the signatures or match-used mementos was obtained by Finfrock during his days working at the MGM Grand Garden. AMI is proud to present personal treasures from Finfrock’s collection. These have never been offered for public sale until now.


Finfrock’s collection wasn’t just current boxing. He did have some vintage ticket stubs. These stubs were used for admission into some of the biggest fights ever. It is our guess these were removed from a scrapbook. Included are:

1.) June 13, 1935 Braddock vs. Baer. This was the fight when Braddock was a 10-to-1 underdog and upended the invincible Baer. Yes this was the fight which was centered around the hit movie Cinderella Man. The stub is VG with slight paper loss on the front and noticeable wear on back.

2.) Jan. 25, 1939 Louis vs. John Henry Lewis. Louis knocked out Braddock in the fight. This ticket is GD and still applied to a backing. A fold mark transverses the middle.

3.) June 22, 1938 Louis vs. Schmeling II. Louis downed Schmeling when Max’s corner threw in the towel. Gold embossing is visible on this EX/MT offering.

There are three other tickets but we cannot deduce what fight they were from.

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