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Vintage “Figure 8” Baseball

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Vintage “Figure 8” Baseball

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It’s in pretty rough shape; missing nearly the entirety of one of the panels. But this is indeed an ancient baseball. Fashioned in the conventional “figure 8” design, it weighs about 4 ounces and the diameter is about eight inches – a bit smaller than standard. With its base material now exposed, we discover that the surface just below the horsehide is formed in what appears to be a melted rubber/leather composition. We also note a mild application of twining (likely administered by hand rather than machine). As well to be reported is that the panels were secured via double-stitching. Though the ball is in reduced condition, the remaining panel and the exposed internals, retain their integrity – the piece isn’t particularly fragile, and will display comfortably with no apprehension of further deterioration. There are no visible stampings, but from the available clues that it divulges, we’d estimate that this one dates to the 1890s, or possibly into the early 20th Century.


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