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Vintage Homestead Grays Pennant

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Vintage Homestead Grays Pennant

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The Homestead Grays were the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics and Montreal Canadiens all wrapped into one. The team which won nine straight Negro National League Championships behind the power hitting Josh Gibson, dubbed the black Babe Ruth, and Buck Leonard. This 22 1/2″ brown pennant honors the best franchise in Negro League history. A batter and catcher are featured on the screened on front along with “Homestead Grays” in white lettering. One crease is found on the batter’s leg but it was a part of the pennant’s makeup from the day is was cut. The screened on images cover the slight imperfection suggesting this was not harmed by whoever possessed it. The tail is chipped slightly, but still rates EX/MT. The original tails are still in place.

Boston Celtics,Montreal Canadiens,National League,Pennant  Babe Ruth,Buck Leonard,Josh Gibson

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