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Vintage Jim Brown Signed Photo “James Brown”

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Vintage Jim Brown Signed Photo “James Brown”

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Jim Brown had an impact on pro football much as Wilt Chamberlain did on basketball. If Brown would have had any worries about records, he could have put the rushing record firmly out of anyone’s grasp. But numbers weren’t Brown’s calling card. Rather, he retired at the top of his game at the age of 29. Brown put a stellar signature (“10″) on this 8″ x 10” promo shot. Not only did he sign his name, but this is a much rarer full name “James Brown” version. We’ve seen early Jim Brown autographs before, but this is the first full name Brown we’ve seen in some time. A PSA/DNA “Vintage Certified” sticker is affixed to the back. The number “A71755” can be confirmed on-line as well at

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Football,Photo,Record,Signed  James Brown,Jim Brown,Wilt Chamberlain

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