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Vintage Mickey Mantle Topps Baseball Card Collection (8 Diff.)

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Vintage Mickey Mantle Topps Baseball Card Collection (8 Diff.)

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With ’50s-60s Mickey Mantle cards now commanding prices beyond the reach of most hobbyists, we offer this group of eight different that are collector-friendly, and in terms of condition, quite acceptable. In detail, there are included here: 1) 1957 #95 – appears EX+, but close examination reveals a pin hole near the upper border (ergo, about FR). Aesthetically though, this is a very rich card with perfect imagery and gloss, optimal centering and register, and only light corner wear. 2) 1958 #418 – "World Series Batting Foes" (Mantle and Aaron). Graded PSA NM 7. Ideal centering and focus, very clean surface with minor wear at lower right corner. 3) 1958 #487 – All-Star. Graded PSA EX-MT 6. This card is qualified only by the degree of corner wear. Otherwise it is virtually perfect in centeredness, image clarity and cleanliness of surface. 4) 1963 #173 – "Bombers’ Best" (Tresh, Mantle, Richardson). VG/EX almost entirely as a function of corner wear. Centeredness is acceptable and the purity of the imagery is exceptional for the issue. 5) 1963 #200 – Graded PSA NM 7. 6) 1966 #50 – Graded PSA EX-MT 6. Small ding in upper right corner and 70/30 centering, but otherwise an outstanding card with ideal color and crisp focus. 7) 1967 #150 – VG with mild corner wear around and slight angular cut. 8) 1968 #280 – VG with mild corner wear and slightly faulty register. 


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