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Willie Mays Game-Used, Signed Bat (PSA GU 9)

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Willie Mays Game-Used, Signed Bat (PSA GU 9)

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Update: This description has been modified. The Mays bat is 35″ long, not 34″ as stated.

Usually guarded in expressing praise for any of his diamond peers, none other than the great Ted Williams reserved his highest acclaim for Willie Mays. The consummate ballplayer, Mays excelled in every discipline of the game. In his late career, he returned to the climes of his formative seasons – New York. There, with the Mets, he was the sentimental favorite with incalculable throngs of fans and, despite his advancing years, Mays demonstrated his continued worth as the team captured the ’73 pennant. And it’s by default that we trace this offered bat to that twilight campaign.

We introduce this bat’s particulars to report that PSA has esteemed its validity as trong>GU 9. Furthermore, the trademark’s styling period, 1973-75, conclusively isolates the bat’s vintage to 1973 as Mays retired after the World Series. It’s an H & B Model S2 that bears his block-lettered identity on the barrel. At 35″, it weighs 34.2 oz. and, we’re told, there’s a crack in the handle (though such eludes the untrained eye). Evidence of field duty is profuse-to-overwhelming. Ball marks, as well as red and blue bat rack marks, abound on the barrel. “24” is markered on the knob, but most compelling is the copious and seasoned application of pine tar, which extends well into the area of the trademark.

That Mays brandished this bat in 1973 is conclusive; that it served him protracted duty is likewise thoroughly convincing. This was no nameless bat among his arsenal, to be cast aside after incidental use – instead, this one bears all the scars and all the salve of a superstar’s ol’ reliable. Almost as a footnote, we report that Mays signed the barrel in fine blue felt tip – a signature that projects to a quality of “9-10”.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team, Psa Bats-John Taube

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