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World Series 1932 Game 1 Display

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World Series 1932 Game 1 Display

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A generation before television became a family necessity, rapid communication was effected by radio. Furthermore, that earlier generation was mired in the Great Depression, and for many folks, a household radio was beyond their means. A few benevolent store fronts, however, would treat the less fortunate public to current information regarding events of special interest. Typical is this surviving line score report, likely displayed prominantly in the window of a department store or the like. This one provided the inning-by-inning report of Game 1 of the 1932 World Series. As is evident here, and now affirmed by history books, the Yankees blew Chicago out of the water in the bottom of the 6th. And for all conversational purposes, the Cubs never recovered as the submitted in four games. This piece, measuring 14″ x 41″, is now quite brittle – a rectangular piece has actually detached (but is retained) in the lower left – yet this is still a great relic.

100% Authentic Team

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