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World War II Collection of Bill Mauldin’s Original “Willie and Joe” Cartoon Renderings and Film Negatives

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World War II Collection of Bill Mauldin’s Original “Willie and Joe” Cartoon Renderings and Film Negatives

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American Memorabilia is honored to present this exceptional collection of original cartoons from one of our nation’s most respected and acclaimed cartoonists, Bill Mauldin. This two-time Pulitzer Prize winning artist actually got his start when his education was interrupted by World War II. Before entering the Army, Mauldin was a student at Chicago’s Academy of Fine Art. It would be understandable for the war to stifle his creativity, but instead he drew inspiration from being a “dog face” and created the characters “Willie" and "Joe.” This duo was far from dynamic, but on the other hand, they weren’t complete underachievers either. Willie and Joe were, more or less, typical foot soldiers who were there because they were told to be there. Thousands of enlisted men identified with them. The characters first appeared in 1940 in the "45th Division News," and by 1944 Mauldin was a full-time cartoonist with the service-wide Stars and Stripes. Favored by the enlisted men, Mauldin’s cartoons were frowned upon by military brass. General George Patton was Mauldin’s harshest critic. Mauldin had a particular talent for adding a humorous touch without “sugar coating” life on the front lines. The military’s biggest fear was realized in 1945 when United Feature Syndicate picked up Mauldin’s cartoons and began circulation on the home front. "Willie and Joe" was so widely received stateside that Mauldin was awarded his first Pulitzer later that year. After the war, Willie and Joe made two final appearances. The first was in Mauldin’s book Back Home in 1947, and then again in the final “Steve Canyon” strip published on June 5, 1988. After the war, Mauldin became a very successful editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Dispatch, and won a second Pulitzer in 1959.

The collection offered her consists of 13 original velum pieces with their original corresponding film negatives. The negatives are all 8-1/2" x 11" sheet film. The primary use for these was to burn the printing plates used in producing the original newspapers. Each negative has been stored exceptionally well and each velum sheet has been beautifully preserved. A wonderful collection from one of the nation’s most beloved cartoonists.

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