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WWII “Let’s Pull Together” Anti Hitler Pin

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WWII “Let’s Pull Together” Anti Hitler Pin

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Shortly after Japan’s raid on Pearl Harbor, Hitler saw fit to declare war on the United States. Eventually we would have been drawn into the European conflict anyhow, but at that moment, it wasn’t a wise decision in the interest of the Reich. Despite incessant harangues from the throats of Lindbergh and Father Coughlin, there was a seething acrimony for Hitler in this country, and we ached to get at the paper-hangin’ ..! To provide a statement echoing America’s broad sentiment, this lapel pin invited admirers to “Pull Together.” And indeed, if we ‘pull’ the red string, Uncle Sam draws the noose to finish the Fuhrer. This colorful 1-1/2″-diameter piece is delightfully “interactive” (to borrow a more modern meaning), and it’s perfectly functional with a small mechanical hinge concealed on the reverse. The perimeter tells us that it was made by the Evans Novelty Co. (Chicago), and this little treasure from the Second World War is in EX/MT condition with only a couple minute surface blemishes.

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