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Yankee Ashtray & Lighter

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Yankee Ashtray & Lighter

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Let it never be said that the Yankees were frugal with their friends. The vintage of this matching smoker’s ensemble is unknown, but we’d estimate that it dates to the early 1960’s. The two-unit affair is comprised of a lighter (standing about 3 1/2″ tall) and a cigarette case that is fashionably fitted with a wire-meshed ashtray. The lighter is a fluid/flint contrivance with a conspicuously attractive lever. The larger unit is about 5 1/4″ tall, and the meshed screen is secured by a well-machined brass perimeter. Our only apology here is that, while both are fitted with carrying straps, the one affixed to the larger piece is in need of mild restoration. Both are finished about their surfaces with saddle leather and, of course, both are adorned with finely crafted Yankee logos.


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