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Yankees Steins & Pitcher

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Yankees Steins & Pitcher

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Though baseball is an institution traversing the snowless months of the calendar, at the major league level, it’s a high-energy concern year round. As such, the Yankees, like all their peers, maintain a presence even through the Yuletide. Selectedly, and probably in gradients of expense, they extend season well-wishes amongst themselves and with friends of the franchise. In a series uniting the Christmases, 1954 through 1956, they cared to express the mirth of the season by presenting successive gifts of steins and a pitcher suitable for one’s choice of potable. All three pieces (a matching set) are crafted in pewter, and handsomely bear the traditional Yankee logo. The steins, dated 1954 and 1955, are glass-bottomed, and stand about 5″ tall. (One of them has a small injury near the handle top.) The pitcher is magnificent, standing nearly 7″. The enthusiast who pursues the more exclusive delights of Yankeedom will most certainly appreciate this ensemble.

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