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Find an Auction House in Las Vegas

Memorabilia.Expert Sports memorabilia and collectibles are in greater demand than one can envisage. Any relics or reminders of the team or sportsman they have idolized are genuinely sought after by ardent fans. Some avid fanatics may even be obsessed with accumulating valuable commodities, even if they are available at steep prices. Of course, given the…

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How to Start a Collection & 50+ Manly Collection Ideas

Re-Posted from Jeremy Anderberg | July 9, 2014 Hobbies, Travel & Leisure Hobbies should be an important part of every man’s life, especially in our increasingly passive, and abstract world. In a previous post, we outlined a few benefits of having a favorite pastime, and offered a list of 45 manly hobbies for men to…

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Memorabilia.Expert March Auction is Mad-Mad-Madness

Victor Moreno & Kieta, founders of and Memorabilia.Expert have a Mad, Mad, Mad March auction going off on March 11th Auction and March 26th Auction.   Collectors will  find all kind of goodies this month.  But it’s not all auction that Memorabilia.Expert offers, but also Buy Now and Make Offer on thousands of collectibles.…

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How Rare Is a Signed Eric Clapton Guitar?

eric clapton guitar

Victor Moreno, Memorabilia Expert states “It’s incredibly rare!”  Buy it now! Eric Clapton Signed, Dated Guitar – American Stratocaster LE Clapton Model JSA Full LOA In the early 1960’s, Eric Clapton picked up the nick name “Slowhand” from the expression “slow-hand clapping.” During his forty plus year career he played with great bands like blues…

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