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Victor Moreno, Mauricio Ortega & The Great Heist-Tom Brady

Victor Moreno -The Great Heist

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Victor Moreno Relationship with Mauricio Ortega

Martín Mauricio Ortega was the man who stole Tom Brady's jersey.  Tom Brady has forgiven him and Mauricio was sorry that he did it. 

Ortega had been bidding and buying from Memorabilia.Expert Auctions since 1997.  Victor Moreno. Memorabilia.Expert remembers when he first met him in Las Vegas.  He assisted him with how to collect and what to look for when he collects. 

Victor Moreno tells the ESPN staff how he knew and worked with Ortega for years.

Victor Moreno jokes "I was mad he didn't give me a shot at the jersey."

The Great Heist Story

We have been in the auction business for over 30 years.  We have run into many types of collectors. Ortega was a dedicated collector who loved the player and the sport.  It was this obsession that took him over the edge to create the great heist- the theft of Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey.

Have game-worn jersey's that you need to authenticate, appraise or sell?  Ask Victor.

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