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Tips for Buying Sports Memorabilia

The collection of valuable accessories often comes up when people discuss their pastimes. While youngsters might collect figurines or coins, adults may boast of the souvenirs or decorations they may have accumulated. While plenty of these items might be mint condition, a lot of prospective buyers may be scouring the market for used commodities.

Sports memorabilia is another diversion that has captured the imagination of ardent fans and avid collectors alike. The rules to follow when purchasing sports collectibles are as follows:

Use Authenticators

You should exercise caution when buying sports souvenirs in order to avoid potential fraud. However, not all scams can be noticeable from a mile. There are various sellers who are skilled in the art of deception and employ tactics to cheat buyers into acquiring an artifice. The best way to avert the machinations of such sellers is to bring a third party in to the mix.

Authenticators like JSA (James Spencer Authentication) are skilled and able to prevent any hoax from happening. JSA are now a fourth generation authenticator of sports collectibles, specifically autograph authorization.

Founded by their namesake in the 1930’s, JSA are the market leader in separating authentic autographed items from fake ones. They charge a fee to examine the products and follow a validation process, which includes using state of the art equipment. Similarly, another external source that can be used is the 100% Authentic Team, a group that can help buyers recognize the difference between an original game-used equipment and or issued items.

Another renowned authenticator is the 100% Authentic Team which has over 3 decades of experience in game used jersey’s and equipment.  Known through their inception with American Memorabilia, 100% Team  is the preferred authenticator for Steiner Sports. In fact, some of the credited authenticators on the team have included Dave Bushing, Lou Lampson, Victor Moreno, Kieta, Bob Case, Kevin Scanlon, Joe Qatato and Willy Steinmiller respectively.

100% Authentic Team is now exclusive to,  who have become one of the foremost experts in the industry. The collections that Kieta and Victor Moreno have represented over the years have included Dominique Wilkins, Jim Otto, Jim Brown, Bob Brown, Unitas Family, Walter Payton Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson Estate as well.

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