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Tips on Buying Celebrity Memorabilia

Tips On Buying Celebrity Memorabilia

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We all have our favorite film or television series that we never get tired of watching. There is something special about films made in Hollywood that fascinates and intrigues us as viewers. There have been so many good films to come out of Hollywood that the Hollywood memorabilia industry is big business. Anything can count as Hollywood memorabilia from film props to movie posters, and lots of people chose to buy and sell memorabilia as part of a fun hobby.   entertainmentguitars

If you’ve ever wanted to own props from the Star Wars movies or the script from Spielberg’s latest film then collecting Hollywood memorabilia could be for you. Nowadays there are lots of places to look for rare and interesting pieces, but you need to make sure that what you are buying is authentic. Finding authentic pieces and buying them for a fair price can be very tricky. There are reliable sellers out there but you need to know what to look for.

It can be hard to know a reputable seller from one that is not. You should look out for auction houses and galleries who have not only been around a long time, but have given specialty collections by celebrities themselves.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Things you should find out include how long the company has been going for, the history of the item and what sort of certificate of authenticity comes with the item. As a rule of thumb a business that has been around for more than 10 years is not likely to be going anywhere and is a safe bet. It is essential to find out the history of the piece as this could help you to work out if it is authentic or not. Finally, a certificate of authenticity is a must when purchasing memorabilia and without it you can safely assume it is a fake.

You might need to do a bit of detective work when you get your memorabilia. In most cases, costumes and props will have labels or markings on them. Costumes often have the “Western Costume Company” label sewn in to them. If you see these labels then you can rest easy that the memorabilia is authentic. With regards to props, the items often have studio stamps and/or production markings for specific scenes on them. Finding these small details can help identify an authentic from a fake.

If you follow these simple guidelines then will save yourself falling victim to fake items of memorabilia. Hollywood memorabilia is a great way of making a connection to the past and celebrating the glowing past that the film industry has had in Hollywood. If you are looking for more pieces of Hollywood memorabilia to add to your collection then why not visit Genuine Memorabilia’s site and browse through the extensive catalogueentertainmetn film

To share an interesting collection of autographed memorabilia with family and friends can be an entertaining and fun experience. Collecting signed memorabilia can appeal to all ages and collections can range include people from all throughout history up to present day celebrities. However, if you have not yet started your collection, but are perhaps deciding your first steps, then one of the first things you must consider is which autographs capture your interest?

Extensive research is not necessary; just an idea of your personal choices is enough. Remember that in most cases, you will only be able to enjoy it as a hobby if you are genuinely interested in it. There is a large and generally very involved autograph collecting community and they will always be prepared to help you and give you some valuable tips, especially if you are a keen beginner. Some research on the Internet will put you in touch with the various collector clubs and societies.

Online communications with fellow collectors can provide you with much information and may help prevent you making some costly errors. It could also save you a lot of time and effort. By example, they would advise you that Tiger Wood does not sign golf balls; so already you know it is not worth looking for one of those! Another aspect to this is that if you intend buying one for your collection, it will be well worth looking at the source very closely.

Talking to other collectors, will also provide you knowledge about which items are currently at the top of most collectors wish lists and an insight into which items are likely to be most sort-after in the future. Communicating with fellow collectors can also help you get to grips with the relative cost of articles. Unfortunately, many people in this large market try to take advantage of unwary newbie collectors. Knowledge about collecting signed memorabilia could be your greatest weapon against fraud in this competitive industry.

Signed memorabilia can come in a number of different forms. Most things can be considered memorabilia from menus to footballs and anything else that is possible to autograph. Popular sources of autographs are correspondence and it is a bonus to find items that are signed and contain historical information. Other commonly signed collectors’ items include, checks, contracts, any form of book or magazine, manuscripts and photographs. The list can be almost endless.

Should you intend buying signed memorabilia solely for your personal use, collectible resale values will not be of too much concern to you. However, you should not allow a seller to take advantage of you by inflating the price of an item. However, you should also be wary not to offer a price that is in excess of the generally accepted value. Do not allow any emotional attachment to an item cloud your business judgment.

The collection of signed memorabilia, should as a rule, come directly from recognized and established sources. If you purchase an article that has not been authenticated, then it is to all intents and purposes, worthless. As you gain experience and increase your knowledge, you will become more aware of how things work and establish yourself as a part of the collectors’ world.

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