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Warrant Jani Lane’s Personal Played & Used Acoustic Guitar COA Bobbie Brown

Now Available Buy Jani Lane’s Personal Played and Used Acoustic Guitar.  Never before offered his Jani Lane’s personal collection of jewelry, photos, clothes and instruments.  View it here.

This lot oriJani Laneginates from the collection of Bobbie Brown. She is member of the “Ex Wives of Rock” television show cast as well as an author (“Dirty Rocker Boys”), fashion designer and model.

Brown was an instant sensation as the Cherry Pie Girl in Warrant’s music video. On being called The Cherry Pie Girl or Ms. Cherry Pie, “I will never be bothered being called The Cherry Pie Girl or Ms. Cherry Pie.  It is how most people know me and it has made me who I am today and I can’t deny that and I’m very grateful.”

Brown married Jani Lane (of Warrant) shortly after the success of Cherry Pie took off. They were married for three years and had a child before they were divorced.

This item from Brown’s collection is a  time warp back to that 90’s era when Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith and Warrant (of course) ruled the airways. Jani Lane the lead singer of Warrant was known for his sweet ’80s style, his stringy golden locks, and his high pitched vocals. He died in 2011.

This never been seen before guitar was owned and used by Lane. It will instantly bring you back to the era. Brown recounts, “He (Lane) would always make sure and sing “Stronger Now” to Taylar and Madison (children) with this guitar.”

jani lane's guitarThe instrument really saw the likes of Lane’s creative talents as he was always composing music. It was even repaired or stylized on one of the sides with some duct tape.  The guitar is an Alvarez Ad 70 sc model. The model has a unique 12th fret inlay binding around the body.  This one is Serial: 080906213 Model AD7SC NAT.  Alvarez uses the Emporer year to date their guitars. According to the Serial number this would date it to June ’97. It comes equipped with 600t MK II electronics system.

When he created his lyrics and music, Lane would write each part of his songs for his band members. He was in essence their creative force / director. In the innovative process, he used this guitar. Back in 1997, Warrants’ first live compilation was released in July (Warrant Live 96-97). It was recorded at the Harpos Concert Theatre in Detroit. That same year the band also toured along with other label mates in the U.S. as the opening act for Alice Cooper.

Authentication: A handwritten provenance letter from Bobbie Brown accompanies the guitar reads : “3-12-16 Alverez acoustic guitar was used by Jani Lane when I was with him. – Bobbie Brown”

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